James, I wanted to write and say a massive “Thank You” to you and your team for the incredible job you have done in creating what is more than I ever could have imagined or dreamed my garden could ever be. Not only did you turn the design into reality you have worked magic that means every morning I get up and look out my back window and just beam. It is fantastic and even now the weather has started to turn, I can’t help but climb the steps and “take a turn about the grounds” just to take it all in… again. I’ve even taken to copying my girls and have been seen to cartwheel down the lawn!
I know it was a huge challenge – the slope, the mud slides, the unforgiving clay, the torrential rain and not to mention the difficulties accessing the site – but you guys took it all in your stride, you kept your sense of humour and importantly you kept the project on track.
The reason I chose MCS in the first place was because at our initial meeting you walked me round the site and not only showed me the potential issues but you immediately started talking about solutions. Then throughout the project you all made me feel like an extra member of the team – you always made me feel that this was my garden and what I wanted came first and that I really did appreciate.

I have had so many compliments especially from the neighbours and so without hesitation I would recommend you to family and friends and they only have to come and see the garden to understand why!